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Baby name change?

I am adopting my cousin who is 20 months old, I barly know him but he has been taken away from his mum and I was the first they called to see if I would take him. I happily agreed as I will do anything for my family. Any way his name is Blaze Marley or Marley Blaze; Like I said I dont really know him, his mum is a druggy and named him after Bob Marley and Blaze is from like you know Blaze it up.
What I want to know, do you think it is wrong to change his name? 
I have a daughter 9 months old who's name is Penelope Amelia Skye.


  • I think you're doing a wonderful thing taking in your cousin to your family and making him your own - but as unfortunate as his name is, i think you should try sticking with one of the names (whichever he is most used to) as for a start, it's gonna be a big change and upheaval for him changing homes, so you need to keep some consistency and him having his name i think could be important.

    You're doing a great thing - show that poor kiddie lots of love and well done you.

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