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The Name Game!

Hello Ladies!

Very crazy to be thinking of baby names when I've only just yesterday had a scan and found out I was pregnant.. With my son we only chose a week before he arrived! But this is a very shock pregnancy and I think thinking of names will hopefully make it feel more real (as the weight gain and food cravings aren't!) I just don't 'feel' very pregnant?! 

My Children are called Evie-May and Freddie. Can't think of any Girl or Boys names that I like to go with these as we have a huge family and most names are taken!! image 

Any Suggestions? Xxx 


  • Heya,  thinking of a name is something we're struggling with too!  We've got some girlie names that are very strong contenders but boys names are another story! I've trawled the net,  looked in books and asked friends for inspiration but nothing is grabbing me.  

    Sorry,  I've not really helped have I?!

  • No not really helped at all, you sound just as stuck as me! Lol.

    Yeah its so hard, all the names I had for my last pregnancy I seem to have gone off now image 

    Makes it worse that me and the Hubby cannot agree! Baby name books arent helping and the internet has some really strange names lol xx 

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