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How did you/will you choose your baby’s name? Had one in mind or did you/will you decide at birth?

Hi everyone,
We’ve noticed some of you in our Birth Clubs have chosen your baby names quite early in to your pregnancies.
This had us pondering, how did you or will you choose your baby name? Have you had a name in mind for ages, or will you decide once you meet your baby?

We’d love for you to let us know by posting on this thread, below.


  • My eldest was going to be Brooke then had a dream about calling her Kaitlin instead so she was Kaitlin best name chioce :) and my second  summer always liked the name baby number 3 no idea yet think we will code when we find out  sex 😊

  • My eldest daughters name was easy as I named her Sarahjane after my nan and my big sister. our little bundle whom is due in August already has a girls name and a boys name ready. My partner chose the boys name and with the help of my daughter we chose the girls name ☺️☺️ Xxx

  • When we found out I was pregnant we have just always loved the name Emellia-Rose, we were always undecided for a boys name.

    Then I found out it was a girl I'm carrying. So she's been Emellia-Rose since the start :)

    9 weeks to go! 


  • I had picked out the names I wanted for our children, before we even got married, let alone pregnant (I'd like 3 children), I had all the middle names ready and everything.

    We got pregnant and that was it, hubby was a bit slow to the name, but thanks to Kim Kardashian's naming of her second child, he was swayed that the name I picked was actually quite nice :)

    In'laws keep saying that you have to wait to give the name but I think it's entirely up to you, if we do change our mind when we see him then that's our prerogative but I'm a stubborn/organised person so once my mind is set it's difficult to change it :)

  • My hubby wouldn't even entertain the name conversation until we knew if it was a boy or girl... & even then he wasnt in a rush... I on the otherhand wanted to choose a name asap as I wanted to call him by his name when I talked to him in my tummy rather than just saying 'baby'. I think it helped with bonding too as it made it feel more real for me... Like I was actually going to get to bring this baby home after 2 mc's.

    we wanted a name that had meaning to us. My husband is a pilot (& airplane nut!) so we chose the name Dayton (after Dayton Ohio which is the home town of the wright brothers... So really the birth place of aviation). Dayton also has origins in Yorkshire (UK) which is where I was born so the name was special for both of us 😊. 

  • My husband and I had a list on our phone that we would add/delete throughout the pregnancy. We didn't tell people the names. Then as soon as we met her we just both said the same name...which turned out to be the least spoken about name that was on the list!

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