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Too old fashioned?

My partner and I are currently TTC and have been discussing baby names. We have decided on a boys name, but we can't decide on a girls name. I know we havew ages to go yet, but I having these things planned.

My gran passed in the April before I was born (I was born in the August), and I really like the idea of naming my daughter after my gran, which would be Janet. However, my partner thinks its too old-fashioned. I did suggest calling her Jess as a nick name, as thats what Janet was traditionally shortened too as a nickname.

Do you guys think that Janet is too old fashioned? Sorry for the long read and thanks in advance☺x


  • Bit late here - sorry!

    I think it's entirely your choice. My mum passed 20 years ago and I'm due in November, her name was Pamela and that's very old fashioned, but if I have a girl I'd like to honour mum by having that as her second name. 

    Have you thought about having it as a second name if you're concerned that it's too old fashioned? x

  • My daughter has Janet as her middle name, i love it xxx

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