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I need some ideas! i have a boy named Lenny I'm looking for names boy and girl that is not to common! i already like rocky (I no some will hate) and Luna for a girl but nothing I love yet 


  • Luna is beautiful 

  • Rocky to me is a dogs name the same as Bruno but nice.  

  • At the min we have Kane for a boy and madison for a girl 

  • Lovely names sj

  • Thank you meme :) 

  • Why not look 'old school' - Arthur, Alfred, Albert, Basil, Bernard, Bertrum, Bartholomew, Cecil, Cedric, Clarence, Clive, Craig, Carl, Daryl, Derek, Dennis, Duncan, Elliott, Ernest, Eric, Edward, Edwin, Francis, Frederick, Ferdinand, Flynn, Gareth, Gregory, Geoffrey, Glenn, Harold, Hugh, Herbert, Henry, Ivan, Ivor, Ian, Justin, Jeremy, Karl, Kurt, Laurence, Lisle, Leyland, Luther, Mitchell, Martin, Malcolm, Matthew, Maxwell, Norman, Nelson, Neville, Neil, Nicholas, Octavius, Phillip, Patrick, Percival, Paul, Peter, Roger, Roderick, Rodney, Raymond, Ralph, Robert, Simon, Stuart, Stephen, Stanley, Sidney, Seth, Timothy, Theodore, Toby, Trevor, Vincent, Victor, Wilhelm, Westley, Warren, Zachary....

  • Luna is great, I also like Lena and Iris.

    For a boy I don't like Rocky, I like Evan but maybe it is too common 

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