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Finding a name for baby no2.

Hi all, just after some suggestions!

We have a little boy named Archie Lawrence who is 17 months old and we are due with number 2 in August. We do not know the gender but we have decided on either Florence or Olive if it is a girl but a little stuck for a boys name which is where I would love some help...

Husband really like Sidney for a boy 

My Favourite is Sonny for a boy but a girl friend named her boy this.. middle name we are thinking probably Oliver. Or Oliver as a back up first name.. I really like Oliver but just do not love how popular it is. Any advice on names or suggestions on what you prefer out of Sonny and Sidney would be much appreciated :) xx


  • Love your girly names!

    I think for a boy, Sidney is lovely. Sonny is too (prob lie this over Sidney) and Oilver is my fave, but you're right, there are quite a few of them about - still, wait until you see your little boy or girl, and see what fits. We had a list of names for our first girl, and we didn't end up using any of them.

    I also really like Jack (although again, quite common), Max, Tommy and Reggie.

  • Hi leannelovesarchie, we thought we'd just let you know we have an August 2016 Birth Club if you fancied joining in and meeting other women due the same month as you - it can be found just over here!

    Do let us know what names you decide on, won't you? We do love a good baby name chat!

  • Sonny or Sidney sound lovely, Stanley is another one similar. I know what you mean about Oliver, lots of Oscars in our area which has put us off that name 

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