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Unborn child’s last name

Hey just need advice. I don’t want my unborn child to have her fathers last name I would prefer her to have mine. My full pregnancy he hasn’t been here he has been working away but he had the chance to come home which he didn’t so I’ve done the whole thing myself. I had no problem with her having his name until I brought up breastfeeding which he turned around and told me I wasn’t aloud to and it was embarrassing since then I have thought very different of him. I also told him he could have her 3 days a week Monday Thursday & Saturday his reply was you would pick the days I’m likely to go out drinking and a weekend! Baring in mind it’s only a Saturday! He also said if I broke up with him and he only seen his daughter three times a week he would go back to the old him ‘drinking alot’ I have seen a very different immature side to him. I have told him I want her to have my last name and he hasn’t took it very well saying he ‘wants HIS daughter to have his last name’ I also have never met any of his family. Does this name me a bad person wanting her to have my last name?


  • No of course not lots of people do it. Hes being immature! Why havent you met any of his family? 
    Have you got long left where you may change your mind?
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