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Thoughts on Albert and Dexter

Hi everyone. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second little boy. First born is called Harry so very popular name. I like Albert because it’s traditional and I feel like it’s ping to become more populad just like Arthur has but it’s not there yet. But I would hate them to be called Al or Bert by anyone and also I worry people will think it’s too old mannish. 

I love the x sound in dexter but am worried its a little out there. Also not at all traditIona which I like for a boy. also I don’t know if I can imagine him going to a business meeting and introducing himself as Dexter. 

Honest thoughts please really struggling this time round 


  • Oh I love them both.

    But love Arthur at the moment! Think It goes lovely with Harry. I think it’s cute when thsy are called Artie when they are babies 😍

  • Omg!!!!!!!! I thought it said Arthur 🙈🙈🙈 im so sorry!! 😂😂😂 baby brain (I’m 3 days over and exhausted!

    start again-

    I do prefer Albert to Dexter it Does go lovely with Harry.

    Sorry lol 🙈😂

  • I love it too but have a friend with an Arthur so wouldn’t like to chose the same X

  • Just seen your second reply 😂 good to know thank you. Me too, Dexter was just a name I was playing around with but can’t imagine actually using it. 

  • Dexter is lovely too and different, I don’t know any boys called Dexter. but Albert goes so lovely with Harry and I love traditional boys names too.

    Harry and Albert 😍 

    I think I need my eyes tested how embarrassing🙈😂 I couldn’t even delete it I was like OMG!!!😂

  • They do sound lovely together thank you for the advice 😃😃

  • I know 2 guys and dexter is called dex or dexi and yup he gets called sexy dexi and they call Albert ally, it’s a tough one as both names can be shortened where as your first boy Harry can’t really get a shortened name from that, I think Alfie, George, William and jack go well with harry :) but if it’s the old names you like I love teddy and I love Reginald (reggie) xx

  • I love Albert so much xx

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