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Naming ceremony for baby no 2?

Hello, my first post and hoping to get some thoughts from my fellow mama’s!  

None of my family are at all religious so I would never have a christening, but my aunt did a naming ceremony for both her children. she joined them with their 1st birthdays, it was lovely and I’ve always loved the idea of welcoming a baby into your circle of family & friends since.

I had planned to do one for my first child’s 1st birthday, but unfortunately my mum became very ill and the stress of that, as well as not knowing if she would be able to attend (or even be around) etc. was too much. Luckily she was well enough on the day to attend a 1st birthday party we had arranged at home (which we knew could be easily cancelled if needed). 

We now have a second child, and i’m desperate to do a naming type celebration for this one, but I can’t help but think it’s strange when we didn’t do it for our first child. I’ve seen the idea of a whole family welcoming and/or thanksgiving which seems really nice - what do people think? would it be too much about the new baby if we did it around their 1st birthday (Which is summer so would work!)? Has anyone else done something similar for one child and not the other?! My first child is nearly 4 so think it’s a bit old to have them both ‘named’!!!

Sorry for the long post, any ideas or thoughts would be great though and very appreciated! 

Thanks! x

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