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Ciara/Kiara pronounced “Kee-are-ruh”???

Hi everyone,

I’m after your opinions as it’s only 3 weeks until my due date and as we haven’t settled on a name yet, I’m starting to panic!

The initial name I liked was Keira Rose (as in Knightley). But my other half isn’t keen on it as he doesn’t like somebody with that name.

He showed me a name on his phone which he said he liked “Ciara”, which we both automatically pronounced “Kee-are-ruh”.

I‘ve since learnt Ciara is ironically the original Irish form of Keira, but can also be pronounced “Sea-air-ruh”, due to the singer.

Almost all of our close family have screwed their noses up at Ciara/Kiara “Kee-are-ruh“, which has put me off it a bit, but my other half is set on it and already calls her KiKi.

Our other daughters are:

Amelia Daisy and Caitlin Poppy.

Ps I’m open minded to other suggestions.

So what do you think of:

Ciara Rose

Kiara Rose? Xxxxxx


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