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I need help choosing a second boys name.

we have Louis Kevin and we will mainly call him Louie, but we are stuck for a second name. we want baby to have a nickname that matches Louie so preferable ending in ie sound.

we also are not fans of - Charlie, Archie, Eddie and Teddy- 

any suggestions are much appreciated 


  • Toby ...... Ronnie...  rylee ...  its so hard lol im on baby number 11 now getting stuck for names lol xx
  • Alfie, Freddie, Toby, Harry 

    A few different options:

    Jude, Sebastian, Arthur (Artie), Eden, Ethan.
  • Oh finding 1 name is hard enough I’d be terrible for twins! Lol 

    Alfie, zachery, Jack, Joey, Harry, Henry, Albert (Berty) 

    Even if it’s not an ie name you’ll find a nickname that fits once he is here. It always happens :)
  • What about Alby? :)
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