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The name Alexa

Hi, a most bizarre question. We have a 3 year daughter called Alexa just before amazon brought out their device which seems to be everywhere. We loved the name but now we hearing people shouting Alexa do this or Alexa play that it’s like our daughter is now an object to boss about. We have had some rude comments from people. We are so concerned about what school life will be for her as we have seen friends children shouting at these things. Are we over reacting? We have even talked about a name change which hurts us greatly but might be easier for her future.


  • I don’t think you’re over reacting for the way you’re feeling as of course you wouldn’t want her feeling like she can bossed about all the time but I do think you’re over reacting to a name change! What about using a nickname like lexa? Lexi? Or just Alex? When my daughter started school in September I had a form to fill out which asked what she preferred to be called :) 
  • Thanks for your reply, my OH hates the name Lexi, this is why we were thinking of changing her name to Alexandra so she can still be called Alexa is she wanted. It’s just a shame that we have to even consider this
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