I started giving my baby a dummy quite early on. She's only 5 weeks old and is my first. I'm wondering if I should try and get her used to sleeping without it as I don't want to get to a point further down the line where it's really hard to get her used to not having it. Maybe I'm just over reacting like most new mums do.


  • hiya,i think your prob worrying for no reason there are good reasons to give baby a dummy,it reduses the risk of cot death if they have it when they go to sleep and if it falls out after they have gone to sleep thats fine no need to put it back in,primrose allways had her dummy she is 21mnths now and she stopped having it herself she just didnt want it i had no problems,however its entirely up to you and how you feel.xxx
  • I have opposite problem. My 19 week old hardly ever wants a dummy which can sometimes make settling her hard work! I wish she would take it - esp at night seeing as they rec this re SIDS.
    I think they normally say try to stop lo having it around 18-24 months so you have plenty of time. My sister's lo is nearly 3 and she still has a dummy. Not to put in her mouth - she takes it to bed as a comforter??!!
    Your HV might say (like mine did very early on) to not give one to your lo after 6 months - ignore her & give her a dummy if you want to. Your baby remember! xx

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  • hiya thats rite,there is nothing wrong with giving ur lo a dummy,its not bad there are no proven facts that it discourages speak and is a great help to settle baby and help prevent cot death.x
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