Cough or Asthma

I have a 9 month old who everytime she has a cold she gets a terrible cough. I've taken her to see the nurse several times and told that it's just a normal cold/cough she's got and I feel i've been a neurotic mum!
She's had 3 bad coughs in 6 weeks and just wondered if this is normal and what others do to help their lo. I had asthma as a child very bad and concerned she might be developing it. I spoke to the nurse and was told they don't diagnose asthma until they are about 5 but that doesn't help me.
I'm quite concerned and would appreciate anyones advice.


  • My husbands son had asthma when he was about 2. He is now 8 and seemed to have grown out of it thank god. I would def go and see your GP about it if you are concerned and get an experts opinion just to put your own mind at ease. Hope everything is ok.
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