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advice please!!

Jd has started to move more and looks like he'll be crawling soon!!!image However i need to make sure he's safe if i need the loo etc so would it be worth buying a play pen? I've had mixed responses off family so thought i'd dsee what you all think? He wouldn't be in it all day just if i need to pop upstairs etc, ones i've seen are bout 80 odd pound so not cheap and don't want to waste my pennies.Thanks x x


  • Hiya Sarah

    I used a travel cot as my playpen for a while when Cameron was starting to become mobile!! Now though i tend to take him with me as we don't really have the room for a travel cot anywhere in the house image

  • We invested in a Babydan play pen.  It was good to know that Bon was safe in there and I always knew where he was.  Travel cots are great for that too, really worth while finding space if you can, for you peace of mind and also somewhere to keep all the toys!
  • I just take Bronwyn with me!

    I have a stair gate at the top of the stairs, the bedroom doors are shut and she can crawl up and down the landing, pull faces in the mirror or laugh at me on the loo! She's well happy!

  • when Mollie was crawling we used a travel cot and will also use one for Abbie i think a travel cot is the cheaper option
  • i take isaac with me 2, hes permanantly fixed to my leg so have to take him or hear his special 'my mum has dared to leave me for 30 seconds' scream, it really does make your ears bleed!
  • I took Jessica up with me, i either let her crawl around, or just popped her in her cot!
  • I've never had a playpen, haven't seen the point in it really, theres nothing life threatening in our house I don't think??!! If Im going upstairs for more than a minute I just take Luka with me. If im in the shower or something, I close all the doors like caroline says and he can crawl up and down landing. I give him a big basket with the bath toys in and he happily empties that!
  • Thanks, i didn't think of using a travel cot, that wouldbe extra useful for when his nanna has him when i need some sleep after work. Think i'll investigate one of those. Thanks again ximage
  • I use a travel cot as playpen and I got it from car boot. BNWT mamas and papas,total bargain at £15. Failing a car boot try ebay!! good luck x
  • We used a travel cot for riley when he was a new mover,we were lucky enought to be given it by a neighbour who no longer needed it. It was peace of mind that he couldnt hurt himself and had tons of toys around to keep him amused if i was nipping to the loo or desperate to get ironing done in the day.

    Why not try freecycle or charity shops.

  • In my area there is a centre where you can borrow things like stair gates and play pens, all part of the Surestart / Children's Centre initiative.  Ask you HV if there is such a scheme in your area, then you don't have to find any money at all, and you can get shot of it once you have finished with it.
  • I've bought a travel cot as we'll def get lots of use i think, he loves it and now just need to get him to take a nap in it too
  • We also use a travel cot although ours is upstairs as we have a deathtrap of a  landing with a huge Hollie sized gap to fall through. But normally i take her upstairs with me and she plays with bath toys or sits and watches the cat.
  • if you are upstairs and need something pop him in an empty bath! honestly that waht i used to do with both of mine and yep i checked they couldnt turn the taps on
  • Hi there, I used a playpen with jake as it was bought as a present but i think i would have used the travel cot instead.  It is now in the garage.  Although it is flat when closed, it is heavy to move.  Jake didn't really like it but in our old house there were stairs all over the place so it was handy to opo him in there. xx
  • harrison hated his playpen, everytime i put him in he cryed and got very upset so even going to the loo became a struggle, instead i put a stair gate up in the living room and made it baby proof so he was safe and just left him happily playing... x good luck

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