***1st Birthday***

My wee 33 weeker, Kenny celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday and had a ball. Where has the past year gone?? Im running out of space, toys are everywhere!!

Im so proud of him, he is a healthy and thriving toddler now.



  • Its amazing how well they do after such an early start. My Grace was 32 weeks and 3lb 5oz-shes 4 at the end of january and its gone so fast and shes done so well. I think that early start makes them even more special and you an even more proud mummy.
    Belated happy birthday to Kenny,
  • Happy belated birthday Kenny. Kara was born at 34+4 and celebrated her 1st birthday on 16th Sept. She is doing great and getting big and bad lol.
  • happy birthday Kenny!!
    Sorry its late but had to tell your proud mummy how clever i think you are for doing so well.
    Maria x
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