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isobelle struggling again

my baby girl is struggling again with her breathing and its looking likely she will have to go on c-pap again.

she is looking pale again aswell.

Feeling really low today aswell.

sorry to be so down hope everyone elses lo in doin well .

Just needed to moan


  • oh bless you all!

    I hope things get better over the weekend for all of you!

  • Oh Maria, I'm sorry that Isobelle and yourself are having such a hard time. Please don't worry about moaning, thats what we are here for honey. I'm sure that Isobelle is a real fighter and she will overcome her present difficulties.
    Sending you lots of PMA.
  • sending lots of love your way. She is a fighter! Dont worry about moaning hun - thats what we are here for. Fingers crossed she improves over the weekend

  • Oh maria, sending me love and prayers! Hope little isobelle is ok....and you and your Los!
  • Maria, I have just seen this message for the first time. Hope Isobelle is ok. I am thinking of her. It must be really had for you and your family. She is a wee fighter and I hope she continues getting better.

    Take care.
  • I so hope that little Isobelle is turning the corner for you again Maria?
    You're both having a rough ride and fingers crossed it gets smoother very soon x
  • hi
    isobelle seemed much better yesterday and today i felt i needed to spend some quality time with the boys and elise. it's the first day i havent been in to NICU.
    well this afternoon we recieved a phone call from the doctor to say that they have discovered she has a heart murmur and would like our permission to put her on Ibruprofen. they think this is the reason for her breathing problems and why she's not improving as fast as she should be. i'm going to phone the unit and ask for more info as i'm not sure how ibruprofen works in this situation.
    Anyway just needed to talk.
    Hope you are all well. xx
  • Hi maria, im sorry isobelle has had a set back and i hope the ibuprofen helps.

    Please dont think your moaning you have to vent your emotions and I cant think of a better place than here. We all know how scary this is for you and are here anytime you need to talk. I hope you start to feel better soon.

    I bet the kids had a lovely day with you, it must be so hard juggling seeing them and isobelle. Have they met their gorgous little sister yet?

  • Hi denise
    thanks. yes they did enjoy themselves. its so hard balancing everything when you have your baby in NICU isnt it. My dads taking me in to speak to the doctor. i phoned up last night and apparently it's a 3 day treatment which hopefully will cose the hole. so fingers crossed.

    M x
  • oh goodness -s o much going on for you - hope the ibuprofen does the trick!
  • Hi Maria,

    Just wanted to send you my love. You are going through so much right now and I think you're doing an absolutely amazing job of coping with everything that's been thrown at you. It's hardly surprising PND has kicked in with everything you've been through. Are you on meds? I was on Sertraline when I had PND and it worked really wekk for me.

    I hope Isobelle is doing ok today and you and the family are there for each other.

    Much love, J x
    (Jo1976 - new name!)
  • thanks so much.
    unfortunately the treatment didnt work so not sure now what will happen. her stomach is distended and shes quite pale. shes also back on CPAP again. i'ts such a roller coaster and is physically and mentally exhausting, but have to stay strong.

    M x
  • oh hun - what a difficult time for you all!!

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