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Hi ladies
I'm joining you as a new mommy - was previously in DIA.
I had my little girl at 31+4 and we bought her home this Monday at 35+6. She was 3 pound 8 born and was weighed today at 4 pound 6.
I was just looking for some advice really - how did you know when to take your prem baby out and about?
I asked the doctors when we left NNU they said not before she reaches 2kg (which she now has) and to just use my own judgement!?!
I'm terrified of making the wrong decision and taking her out too early but I feel like I need fresh air and some normality after 4 weeks of spending every waking hour in the hospital. Obviously I'll need to keep her wrapped up warm.
Did anyone else feel like this and do you have any advice?
Becky x


  • Hi Becky, and congrats on your little baby girl!

    My baby girl, Skye, arrived at 33+2 weighing 4lbs, and we left SCBU with her after 3 and a half weeks weighing 4lb 12oz. However Skye arrived in mid October and came home in early November, so the weather was slightly different to now, and therefore our outside trips were far less than I'm sure would be acceptable in summer!

    We were told not to take her out if the weather was too cold or the air was damp/misty, so that restricted us for about the first 3 weeks or so. AFter that I had total cabin fever and just had to get out, so I made sure she was well wrapped up and had a muslin across her mouth and nose to save her breathing in air that was too cold - slightly different to late July! I also kept her away from people with colds/any sort of infection as I was terrified of her (or me) catching anything, so I guess you may want to do thsi too as there are some nasty summer colds about at the mo?

    I suppose as long as she is warm enough and you are careful she doensn't overheat, and you are happy yourself that she is strong enough, then I'm sure you will all be fine.

    There may be some ladies on here that had summer babies that could give some advice too hopefully :\)

    Iz & Skye x
  • DD was born at 32 weeks and came home after 19 days in scbu. the day we brought her home one of the nurses said 'if it is fine tomorrow get her out and about and to take her for a walk in the buggy' like syke she was born october so came home in november.

  • Grace was a 32 weeker-january, and came home after 4 weeks at 4lb 9. I took her out and about,well wrapped up(my friends laughed when she was still wearing a vest and a cardi mid summer!!!!) but I was advised not to take her to clinic for weighing(the HV came to me) and other places where she would mix with other lo's so that she didn't pick up colds etc from them. She was a difficult feeder-tiny amounts (that changed only about a year ago-shes 5 1/2 now!!), and they said any infection/virus would put her off her food and she'd be back in hospital. We kept to ourselves for about 3 or 4 weeks I suppose.
  • Finn was a 30 weeker, but was bron so fast we had no time for steroids etc and his lungs were dreadful.
    We brought him home at 36+6 weighing 4lb 6oz, and took him out and about straight away. We avoided crowded places (for the germs mainly) but took him to sainsburys etc and for walk as normal.

    I think that once they are out you have to treat them as normal or you dont move on - just remember that they are not meant to be here, so priority one is sleep, two is food, and then see how they are!
  • what romeo said has just reminded me that one of the nurses in scbu did tell me to treat her like a 'normal' baby. had forgotten about that until now
  • Amelia was born at 28weeks weighing 2lbs 8oz's and after 8weeks in SCBU she left hospital weighing 5lbs 11oz's. We treated her normally from day1, we took her to visit her great gran on day1 and then on day3 at home we took her for a short walk to the park and back! My HV told me not to worry about coughs and colds and the antibodies from your milk will help them and even when i came down with really bad flu 3weeks after she had been home, she was fine not even a sniffle!

    I personally think its good to start the way you mean to go on, trust your instincts and enjoy having your bubba home! x
  • Hi.
    Ffion was born at 30 +3 and came home at 38 +2, weighing 4lb 6oz. We were told to keep away from people unless we knew they had no colds etc, so we were not to go anywhere near any toddler or baby groups, but we were ok to go out for short walks as long as she was well wrapped up. This was in December, so I think you'd be ok to take your lo out for walks. Hope this helps.
  • Forgot to say, a great piece of advice I got from one of the nurses on SCBU, when you go to the supermarket, don't put lo in those seats attached to a trolley, because they are at face height and people admiring them breathe all over them. Keep lo in the car seat and put it into a trolley. People can still admire them without breathing on them. :\)
  • i took Finley out a few days after he was home (he was born at 34 weeks and out after 11 days) i have 2 older boys so still had to do the school run ect, great thing about having a phil and teds is that the baby is hidden away! so no one bothered him or breathed all over him his now 14 weeks(8 weeks corrected) and treated like normal x
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