Advice on prem baby development

My boys were born at 31+3 weighing 4lb and 3lb15 now at 12 weeks (3 weeks corrected) they weigh 9lb7 and 9lb8, they feed ok nearly 5oz about every 4 hours and have started going longer between feeds at night. They feed then mostly sleep. The question is they seem to stay awake after their late afternoon feed which is fine, but all they seem to do is cry, they not hungry, cold and have clean nappies but they just dont seem to know how to just sit and look at mobile or toys etc. Plus they hate having their clothes off as well. I have a 16 month old and he went full term and is so different to how they are he would just sit and watch and hardly ever cried. Just finding it hard to know what to do with them even if you sit and cuddle them they OK for a while but then cry and it is a sorry for me cry. Any ideas?!?!? is it just the fact that they still small and ned to catch up.


  • OK - I will try and help out here. My lo was born at 34 weeks (he is now JUST 1) and he too at the beginning HATED being naked - till he was about 3/4 months if I remember right - however NOW he LOVES to be naked and would happily parade around in the nude all the time if he could! As for the crying all the time my lo wasn't like this as far as I remember - he didn't really like lying under his activity arch for a long time though he liked to be held or sat on a lap or something similar but it was a LONG while before he would entertain himself or be entertained by toys etc but he didn't cry a lot.

    Sorry that's probably not much help! Hope it gets easier for you soon!
  • I wouldn't say it has anything to do with them being premature. Maybe just the fact that all children have different personalities and will like stuff even their siblings don't like. Kara was born at 34+4 and to be honest I don't see any real difference to any other child her age in development stages. She is slightly smaller but not much. She did only weigh 3lb 12oz when born though. I wouldn't worry about it. They say that premature babies usually take a bit longer in their development but do catch up when they are around 2.

    Sorry I probably wasn't much help.
  • My little girl has always loved being naked.When i hold her hands she stomps about cute..Maybe they just got cold easily?
  • Amelia was 5 weeks early and HATED and still does hate bee naked. My 2 boys aged 3 and 4 will parade around in anyones company totally starkers!!!!
    She is still petite and I wonder if its because they dont have much body fat to keep them warm???? I dont know..just a theory!!!

    As for the crying...that time in the afternoon it could be colic!!! Since they are only 3 weeks corrected then this could be it. The usual age for it to start is about 3 weeks old till they are 12 weeks... try infacol, massage, taking them for a walk (weather permitting)
    what about putting them facing each other or laid really close on a play mat with a mobile or toys to look at? Put nightgarden on the dvd and see if they like it. I not a great advocate of tv BUT sometimes needs must!!!
    Hats off to you managing such a small gap with 3 little ones to care for you. You must be exhuasted?
    Hope something helps but def try infacol or coelif.

  • Kenny screamed the place down when he was naked, getting his nappy changed and being bathed until he was about 4 months uncorrected. I tried to make these times fun for him and he eventually started to enjoy it.

    He would also not settle in the early evening so I used to play music and dance around the living room with him for a while although it wont be that easy with your two boys.

    I have always used Kenny's corrected age when it comes to development and weight and its about right for him.

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