im joining u ladies

plz excuse my txt typin im stil in hosp. my bby george was born sat 28 nov weighin 4lb 10oz by emerg c sec. my edd was 19 dec i apparently had him on wk 37 but they say he stopped growing at wk 35 but babies born at beginning of oct due in dec have been same weight! my milk has come in im hormonal n cry at simplist of things. im xhaustd frm expressin n sleep dep. n took all afternoon gearin myslf up 4 goin home altho i kept askn how he was gna maintain his temp whn he is only normal temp with 2 blankets, vest, bby gro n wooly hat on n tht in here. he is under heat lamp agn n they said we cud go home earlier! im sore from c sec, which i had to go under general for half way thru. im still in shock n it all seems surreal. n wanted to b sumwhere i can b related to xjx


  • Aww sweetheart you sound lost and bewildered. You will come to terms with it and its normal to feel so shocked-its not how you expected your pg to end. However it sounds as though George is good and healthy. My dd Grace was a 32 weeker(3lb 5 oz) and came home at 36 weeks weighing 4lb 9oz. Hopefully the hospital won't let him go until he is able to maintain his temperature. I have to say that I was quite protective of Grace temperature wise(she was a winter baby too) for at least the first year-my friends all wondered why she still had a vest on under her clothes in the middle of summer!!
    It will get easier and you will cope-we are mummys so we have to cope.But try and allow yourself some time to get over the shock. You will probably feel a little better in a few days-my worst 'baby blues' day was 6 days after she was born.
    Its a bit quiet on here at times but I'm sure someone else will reply too.
    I hope you get him home soon,when you are both ready.
    Whoops I shouldve said congratulations!!!
  • Hi
    Congrats on your babies safe arrival.

    My baby was born at 35 weeks weighing 5lb 7oz.She was in SCBU for a week to help keep her temp and to recieive phototherapy for jaundice. We came home (she was a Feb baby) and \i just kept a hat on her most times and socks or booties to keep her temp up. She almost got readmitted as we went for a heel prick test to check for jaundice. \it came out on the border line and she was cold according to the doctor. The next day i was admitted for heavy bleeding due to an infection so they put her under the phototherapy lamp for the 24hrs I was in anyway and she was fine after that. She is now a healthy, happy, if a bit small 21 month old.

    It is scary and i know how you must feel. I was sore, trying to BF, had 4 others at home to worry about and mostly, I missed having my baby with me at all times.
    It will get easier and just make the most of the mummy cuddles that you get.

    d xxx
  • oh hun it is such a hard time!

    My little boy was born 2 years ago tommorrow at 36 weeks and it was sooooooo hard but no he is a (nearly) 2 year old and you would never no.

    I rememebr the heartache of those early days - he was in SCBU for 7 days and we were both in hospital for 10 days I was itching to get home but it was hard at home too.

    I hope you all pick up and get to know each other soon!

  • Congratulations on the birth of George.

    My 2 year old was a 33 weeker and I remember all the feelings that come with having a prem baby. Its a stressful time and expressing is exhausting but worth it when they gain weight. He was 4lb 4oz at birth and 4lb 9oz when he came home 3 weeks later.

    Make sure you get plenty skin to skin time with George, I found this helped my milk supply and he would usually give feeding a bash too. I used a big zip up fleece which was nice and cosy for us both. I just popped him in beside me naked (I was naked under that too) and zipped it up. A wonderful feeling of closeness between us helped us bond.

    I hope you have your gorgeous little man home soon.
  • Welcome and congrats on the arrival of baby George!

    The ladies have given some great advice already, and I for one still look back on those early days of shock and confusion with great emotion.

    My DD was a 33 weeker born at 4lb, and she spent a total of nearly 4 weeks in SCBU before coming home at 4lb 14oz. It was a very tiring time with expressing up to 6 times per day and trying to BF whenever possible too. The nurses where we were were great and encouraged kangaroo care (skin to skin contact) to help woth my milk supply and were of great support in teh first few weeks.

    When my DD came home we were careful to keep her warm enough with plenty of layers, and did not take her out of the house if it was damp or frosty on my SCBU officers' advice (another winter baby!).

    Here's hoping you can bring your little man home in time for Xmas

    iz & Skye xxx
  • Hi smoochiegal
    i can totally sympathise about feeling in shock and everything being surreal. isobelle is 9 weeks old tomorrow and i'm still working on auto pilot.
    As everyone will tell you, its like being on a roller coaster, but you will be surprised at how well you cope. i really hope that George is home soon with you.
    isobelle is getting there slowly and we're hoping she's home for xmas too. She's a little fighter.
    My other DD was also born at 28 weeks and she is a happy healthy, VERY active toddler lol x
  • Sounds like George is doing great hun. My LO was born at 36wks weighing 5lb 10oz (but dropped quite quickly to under 5lb) but only had to spend a few days in hosp and is now a h&h 10month old. She was a Jan baby and i always kept her wrapped up, hat, vest, babygro, socks, booties and 2 blankets and even now at 10months im always wary of her temp cos shes not very big for her age.
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