Weight worries


Amelia is 10 months old and was born 5 weeks early at 5lb 7oz

she is still BF by me and has 3 meal per day albeit very small portions. She likes qavers and occasionally she will sit and eat toast or banana as finger food etc.. I make her meals but if she was having a small jar she would not finish it (just to indicate how much she eats)

Her weight was plotted as actual and she is on 0.4th centile. Age corrected she is on the 9th centile..

She weighs 15lb 15oz.

I am not overly worried as she is healthy, never gets ill (tho she had virus last week) and is happy. the hospital are wanting me to stop feeding her and give her some baby milk with iron and vitamin drops too.

What do you all think. she is my 5th but my ony prem baby.


d xxx


  • I think that sounds ok. Kara was born at 34+4 and weighed 3lb 12oz when born. When she got weighed at her 1 year old jags she was 19lb 3oz and the HV said nothing about it. She is now almost 16 months and probably only weighs that much now as well as she had lost weight due to be diagnosed with diabetes recently. I wouldn't worry about her as long as she is healthy and eating. She may just be finely made up. This is the way Kara is.
  • I wouldnt worry to much because she is healthy and happy and would soon let you know if she was hungry. She has a small appetite and maybe would have been that way even if she were full term.

    When I was a baby my mum had to take me to the paeds because I was a bit underweight and they just said I was a healthy baby who was a bit smaller than others. Im still skinny 32 years later despite eating a healthy diet, its just how I am.
  • I wouldn't worry and would keep feeding her yourself if you can - my lo self weaned at 10.5 months. You can get the healthy start vitamin drops to add to meals anyway (I did this) My lo doesn't eat tons but he is 13 months and healthy and happy - she'll soon tell you if she is more hungry!!!
  • thanks for taking time to reply..

    its nice to hear that you all agree with me.the hospitals sometimes interfere way too much!!!


    d xx
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