Cranial Osteopathy

anyone had this done for their babies. My boys were born at 31+3 they now 17 weeks but just not settling at all. Showing all the signs of needing this.


  • Hi Soda,

    Im gatecrashing im afraid, but saw this from the home page.

    My son Riley wasn't premature but had a very traumatic birth and spent 4 weeks in the NICU.
    After having him home for around 2 weeks my midwife (who was a family friend) visited and saw how unsettled he was and recommended that I took him to her osteopath. He was generally very unsettled, was hard to get to sleep, fed eratically and suffered really badly with colic. He also seemed to be sensetive on 1 side of his head, somtimes he would scream when you touched it.
    Even after the first session of osteopathy, you could see a difference. At the first session they diagnosed that he had a severe restriction in his neck, and could only turn his head 10% to the left (which was the sensetive side). The osteopath also correctly guessed that he suffered with digestion issues and colic, as aparantly the digestive system is conected to the nerves in the base of the neck, which suffer alot of trauma during birth.
    It was amazing to see the improvement each time we went, and Riley obviously liked it as he would be so calm and relaxed during treatments.
    He had a total of 5 treatments which cost around ??200, but it was totally money well spent!
    We took him back at a year as he had become a bit of an unsettled sleeper, he had 3 treatments and has slept like a log ever since!

    Im currently pregnant again and we have decided that we will take this baby to see the osteopath, even if she is more settled, as the way in which cranial osteopatly works would benefit any baby who has been through the stress of being born, not just those that have had a hard time.

    I dont know if ive been much help, or just rambled, but I definatly recomend you give it a try!!

    Naomi xx
  • Hi,
    Am gatecrashing too! Our lo wasn't prem but had a tricky time and had huge problems latching on so mv suggested going for cranial osteopathy. To be very honest I was very sceptical but desperate to help him.
    We saw a therapist a week after he was born (bit early possibly?) and we spent an hour or so with her and she simply (obviously it was more than this but that's what it looked like!!) laid her hands on and around him. Watched him and looked quite closely at his skulll as I had pushed for 4 hours and he's been in the wrong spot and had a very sore red patch on his head.
    Afterwards he seemed calmer and she advised us to come back for more sessions. We choose not to but I am really glad we took him and I think it is always worth a try.He was calmer afterwards but the first night he was up nearly all of it and I swore it was all her faul, called her all the names under the sun, but it did get better-honest!!
    Congrats on the birth of your lo's and good luck- hope it helps settle your boys. x
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