Hello ladies ive had my little girl

So 9 weeks after my waters breaking (god knows how i got that far) i had my little girl at 34 weeks weighing in at a healthy 5lb 12oz
We were in hosp for just under 2 weeks and after light therapy and some help with feeding she is doing great.
Im currently mixed feeding her as dont seem to have enough milk. im aiming to completley breast feed but finding it hard to feed in public etc. she was one month old yest and weighs in at 6lb7 now. Is weight gain slower in premmies? i still cant believe she is so tiny.
I hope u are all well
Here is a piccie of my little pickle Jasmine Jade




  • Hi. I remember your original post and am so pleased that Jasmine managed to hang on inside for another 9 weeks. Well done you and congratulations on your beautiful daughter.
    George, x
  • Congratulations hun, she is beautiful xx
  • Congratulations!!
    She's so beautiful and it sounds like she's putting on weight nicely.
    M x
  • Ah shes beautiful hun. Bethany was 4wks early (5lb 10oz born) and soon caught up with her fellow babies weight wise. She was right at the bottom of the chart at birth but is now on 50th centile at almost a year old and altho petite shes is average size really so these little bubbas soon catch up.
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