Do any of you find your babies very laid back after being premature? I only have 1 baby born 8weeks early but everyone i have spoken to that has had a premature baby says they are very content and didnt cry alot to be held or changed. I put this down to the fact the first few weeks or months they are not handled and have a routine like George was changed every 6hrs and feed by a tube so no need to pick him up and cuddles were very limited and now he is still prety chilled think i could leave him with anyone (wouldnt though) all i mean is that he dosnt see my mum or sister that much but when they baby sit he never minds and always smiles at strangers anyway enough said what about you?


  • At the start, when he came home from SCBU, Caleb was very content although he had/has severe reflux which made him a very difficult baby until he started weaning. At 8 months though he;s the polar opposite to his big brother - eats, sleeps adn smiles almost constantly, he's such an easy baby - DS1 was far clingier and unsettled - I remember having to stick him in a sling just to get things done!

    Both boys were good with strangers though but I definately attribute Caleb's chilled out-ness to both being in NICU/SCBU and possibly my husband being more of a chilled out person than I am - he has been his main carer for the last 6 months. I took C to the hairdressers this morning and he just sat and cooed and smiled at everyone - I'd never have been able to do that with Joshua!
  • my son was born at 37 weeks by induction and hes so content !! he feeds well, doesnt cry when i change his bum or bath him. i just couldnt get over how content he is. i have no idea whether this is to do with being prem, but my mates 2 girls were both late and are quite erratic with their behaviour. but boys are meant to be more laid back than girls anyway .... ?

    hes a real smiler and isnt fussed who holds him as long as he gets cuddles, lol
  • my twins were born 9 weeks early one section and one normal, both cry all the time when awake, hate being change hate being naked. My other son was born was born at term and he is so different very chilled hardly cries and hardly cried when he was a baby, loved being naked, didnt mind being changed. So in a word no i dont think being premature had any benefits for my boys, they just cry when awake they 15 weeks now and still do the same, sent 5 weeks in SCBU.
  • My little man is pretty chilled out now and smiles at everyone and anyone and doesnt mind who holds him.

    Until he was about 4 months he hated getting nappy changes, being naked, baths and would just cry for no apparent reason but he soon began to enjoy these times.
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