Qu for those whose babies were only slightly premature

Hi ladies

Olyvia was born at 36+5 so only slightly premature but the HV said that her development could still be behind and more in line with a 'corrected age'.

I was just wondering if those who had babies born at a similar gestation have found that their development was more in line with their actual age or their corrected age?

I know all babies are different anyway but I was just wondering!

Thanks, NN and Olyvia xxx




  • Hi NN,

    I had exactly the same with my dd. She was born at 36 weeks. At the time I thought that her development was in line with her actual age but now I've got Sebastian I'm beginning to think that it was more in line with her corrected age as I can see him doing things earlier than she did.

    It used to really confuse me that because she was born at 36 weeks they treated her as being 4 weeks prem but if she had been born after 37 weeks then she would have been classed as full term although it is actually only the difference of 1 week.

    It's a hard one as babies all develop at different rates anyway.
  • I had my little girl at 34+6and although she has aways benn small for her age her develpment is normal. I was told by my HV that it could be 18 months before she caught up but, fingers crossed shes is reaching all of her milestones at the correct time.
  • Hi, I had my girls at 36+6 and they have not been behind one bit in development, if anything forward, one was walking at 10.5 months and he other at 11.

    But as you say each baby is different, x
  • Well Emily my eldest was born at 36 weeks and she was a bit behind in that she didn't crawl until 11 months and didn't walk til 17 months but she is six years old now and other than some speech delays you would never know she was early image. In the grand scheme of things before long you can't tell.
  • HI
    My daughter was born just over 35 weeks. She was always plotted on graphs and charts as age adjusted otherwise her weight looked like she was too small for her age. She was 5lb 5oz born and has always remained on the petite side. She was my 5th so I could compare. She was definetly slower with her smiling, crawling and walking. All my others walked by the time they were 1 (one at 9 months!) Amelia was about 13 months. I would say she was a month behind on baby milestones. Now, at nearly 2 she is fine. She is still petite but that is the way she is made.

    My son was born at 36 plus 6 and I would say he was about on par with my first born who was just 3 days early.

    All babies are different but its normal for a baby under 37 weeks gestation to be a little behind on some milestones.

    Obviously if you are worried in any way then talk to your HV.

    d x
  • Thanks everyone for your replies :\)

    I'm not concerned about Olyvia's development right now, I was more just curious as to what to expect. She's been lifting her head up since 2 weeks, started smiling at 5 weeks and gave us a huge reactive smile and laugh the other day at 6 weeks, 4 days! image

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx



  • Sounds like shes doing just fine hun and i wouldnt expect any delay in her development. I had quite a few people tell me my LO would be behind as she was born at 36+2 but she has done everything she should be doing - shes now 1 and walking (almost) and talking like you wouldnt beleive!! Oh and altho she was small for a while she soon caught up and has been on the 50th centile since about 6months old.
  • My two daughters were 36 and 35 weeks early and although they were small for their age, their development was normal. They are both now grown up and my oldest daughter has a son, he too was slightly premature.

    My daughters and my grandson was the inspiration for my premature baby clothing website www.prem2pram.co.uk

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  • I had a 'small for dates' baby- born 5lb 6oz at 37 weeks. She had caught up by 12 months, and now a perfectly normal 11 year old. She was just a 'slow starter'.
  • Im going to have my baby on monday and will be 36+4, just wanted to say i found this helpful x
  • My firstborn came early at 33 wks + 6, he was 6lb 7 and completely ok but we still had to stay in hospital for a week just to make sure. His development was fine and he is now a happy lively 5 year old. Although he did struggle a bit when he first started school last year but I think that was more down to being a summer baby (July) than being premature. I am due again in December and am prepared for another early arrival!
  • My first was born at 37 weeks weighing 5lb 6oz and was classed as term. She soon caught up, and is now a perfectly normal sized 11 year old. x
  • i have had 2 at 36 weeks and my daughter whom is now 4 was and still is advanced for her normal age so apart from weight we ignored hercorrected age.

    My lil man is only 4 months has been a little slower even with corrected age.

    So I have 2 completely different experiences xx
  • Lily was born ar 37.5 weeks, she seems to be alittle behind other children her age. She didnt start crawling until she was 6 months and only started walking at 13.months, Shes 15months now and I think she's more upto speed with the other babies her age she socialises with. x
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