My daughter is 17months but was born at 26weeks, at a recent hospital checkup they said she has developmental delasy, does any1 elses children have this? thanx


  • As far as I am aware a lot of prem babies do have development delays but they catch up by the time they are 2. Your lo was born very early so I would definately expect some development delays.. My lo was born at 34 + 4 weeks and I didn't really notice much delays although she never crawled and didn't walk until 19 months. Everything else seemed to be on time. She is 3 next month and well ahead of anything else now and is taller than average.
  • Thanks, shes nearly 18months and although she is trying to walk she cant crawl and i think she will be like your lo and just walk, but its so annoying when people say 'oh shouldnt she be walking by now whats wrong with her?' etc.x
  • even at almost 18 months many full terms are not walking. my sister in law had twins born at 36 weeks and one walked at just a few days shy of 18 months and the other didnt walk until 22 months.

    my dd was born at 32 weeks and she had some delays in that she was nearly 7 months sitting up alone (almost 5 months corrected) and she crawled at 10 months (8 months corrected) she walked at 14.5 months (12.5 months corrected). so for some things she was slower and some faster, like all 'normal' babys.
    i think that all prems have developmental delays to a certain extent
  • hi
    Although early babies have some catching up to do, they do eventually reach milestones in their own time. My two sons had caught up with their peers by the age of two. My older daughter is nearly 3 but has some development delay. However she had a bleed when she was born and we were told she may have autism as a result. So this may be the reason. My baby daughter will be one on 7th October and she still isnt sitting up and cant weight bear very well when pulled up from sitting to standing. However she is very verbal and I think she'll learn to talk early.
  • Maria, how lovely to hear from you. Wow, Issy is going to be 1..thats amazing.

    How are they all doing??

    d x
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