had baby boy at 32 weeks

what a shock to my system. he was born on the 7th of feb. its so hard being at home without him while he in the hospital
hows everybody feeling


  • I cant believe nobody has replied hun, have just popped over to see whats happening, sorry!!


    I know exactly how you feel i had my twin girls at 33 weeks and hated having to go home without them, just look at that he is in the best possible place and will be out real soon, if you want to chat then just let me know.

    So how much did baby weigh, name etc.....

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  • Congratulations on having your little boy.

    I dont know how I missed your post, sorry its taken so long to reply.

    How is he doing, whats his name, birth weight, in fact tell us everything.

    I know its hard going not having your lo home but he will be home soon enough.

    My son Kenny was born at 33 weeks, 4lb 4oz and got home after 3 weeks. He is 15 months now and thriving.

  • Sorry i dont often look here big congrats on your lo, how is it all going? I know its hard but try and rest and catch up on sleep whilst he is safe in hospital, I guess he cld be nearing coming home time looking forward to hearing that he is home

  • Just wanted to say congratulations on your early arrival. Hope everything is going well. I know what an emotional roller coaster it can be.
    Maria x
  • congrats hun its awfull leaveing them thatre ive dont it twice now cos my little boys were born at 30 weeks due to preeclampsia and it is such an emotional rollercoster my boys were 2 pound each so i no how u feel gud luck hun x
  • hey caraldine! i hope everything is ok and your baby boy is home with you very soon. congratulations again xxx
  • my little one was born at 31 weeks, and came home 4 weeks later,

    he will be 6 in april!

    it is very hard being away, have you been expressing milk and taking it in? i used to have to get up at 4 in morning to empty!

    best wishes hun, he will catch up before you know it x
  • My daughter was born at 34 weeks and was in SCBU for 2 weeks. She was 3lb 12 oz and is now 18 months next week and thriving. I havent looked back. It is hard leaving them at the hosp but it is the best place for them for their on safety.

    What did you call him? What weight was he? How is he doing now and is he out of hospital yet? So nosey but want to know how he is.

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