I can see teeth

Kenny is 10 months actual age and yesterday I noticed a little tooth popping through and today he has another one. I never imagined how excited I would get about these things.

I cant wait to get my first picture of his toothy grin.

I better get his toothbrush out, how did your kids take to brushing the toothy pegs?



  • Denise its really exciting when they get their first tooth. Kara has 6 teeth now and was 1 last week. She got her first tooth when she was 91/2 months and they others followed really quick. Still waiting on more although these are taking longer. They are so cute when they get their teeth.
  • oh how cute.

    I find the little finger tip toothbrush best when they are little. I also get them a safe babyone to hold them selves otherwise they are grabbing at the one you have. I let them play with that in the bath with tiny tiny amount on it then I get in there with the fingertip one when they are distracted. Careful tho as mine have bitten me with the finger tip one on and it bloody hurts!!! lol

    you will have to post a pic when he gets his tooth
    d xx
  • My wee man has 4 teeth now and just loves getting his teeth brushed. He has his first trip to the dentist next month and I hope he doesnt bite the dentist. lol.
  • amelia just got her first tooth...so cute!!!!!!!

    d xxx
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