So sorry it's me again

Poor little Izzy is having a rough ride at the moment.
yesterday they told me that she has NEC, which is a nast infection that affects the intestines and can cause perforations that can lead to peritonitis. An xray has shown no perforations so far, but would mean she could end up having emergency surgery if she does get them.

This morning I spoke to the doctor, who told me theyre still not sure what the problem is. they are going to test for meningitis and there are talks of another blood transfusion. he also said the valve in her heart still hasnt closed and so the drugs hadnt worked. So its possible they make have to close it in theatre.

I'm so worried about her and am going back this evening to see her.

M x:cry:


  • oh hun. I cant imagine what you & Izzy are going through. You are both very strong people and I will be praying that she improves soon. Sending the biggest of ((((hugs)))) to you both! Take care xx
  • Hiya Maria, keep your chin up Izzy is a lil fighter am thinking of you xjx
  • Hiya Maria, keep your chin up Izzy is a lil fighter am thinking of you xjx
  • Oh goodness, your poor loves. I am always checking on here too hoping for good news, so very sad to hear little Isobelle is still struggling. It must be a terribly worrying time.
    How was she when you went in last night?

    Iz & Skye x
  • Hi
    I saw her consultant this morning and he was not happy at all with the xray they did last friday. He says they shouldnt have restarted her feeds either and so she is nil by mouth for next 10 days. Good news is that she doesnt have meningitis and her pDA has partially closed. They are going to do an eco cardiagram and also test her eyes for retinopathy. theyre also going to hold off giving her another blood transfusion. i feel better now I've spoken to the consultant. it's just the NEC which is worrying at the moment. she was wriggling quite a bit today so fingers crossed.
    oh, and she was off CPAP all the time we were there and her sats were good.
    m x
  • keeping everything crossed for all of you! Glad the consultant helped you relax a bit!
  • Just wanted to say that I have been following your posts and I am thinking of you. Your daughter looks gorgeous. xx
  • hi
    well hopefully izzy has finally turned a corner. shes the brightest everyone has ever seen her, trying to suck everything and her tummy is now nice and soft. she is starting feeds next monday.
    thanks so much for your wonderful support. x
  • wonderful news that she is turning that all important corner and she is perking up. keep your chin up. little madams these premmie girls always trying to give mummy a heart attack image
  • Hi maria, Izzy is keeping you all on your toes, fab news she is feeling much better. I hope she gets more strength every day.
  • Hi Maria,

    Fantastic news! Loving the pic of lil Izzy image xjx
  • great news. lovely pic of Izzy - she is very cute!xxxxxxxx
  • So pleased that Isobelle seems to have improved. I hope she continues to progress quickly.
  • Thats great news and glad the consultant gave you some good news for a change. Your daughter is a fighter and I hope she continues to fight. Good luck.
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