rainbow lollipops. anyone use them?

hello, i got my 5 rainbow lollipops yesterday (thankyou council incentive) and they are HUGE! i know they are a size 2, but i cant see them fitting under any clothes at all. does anyone actually use these as a day nappy, as looking at them in the fluff, they look like a night nappy might be the only option.

also, i have already washed them twice and the colour ran. should i wash them again, or a few more times, or leave them until i have used them?

in contrast, the itti bitti d'lish is slimline and gorgeous! although that is also red so it could have been this one that ran. again i have washed it twice.


  • I loved my itti bitti as well - until I actually used it and I found it leaked like mad! I was so disappointed because it's just the cutest thing when it's on. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it and if there's a secret to getting it to work.
  • Mrs_ed- how many prewashes did you do? They need a few to reach full absorbancy.

    calleigh- I wouldn't have thought that the itti would have been the one to run..I had a look at loads of reveiws on whether the colour in ittis would run and didn't come across 1 person that said they did (even the red)

    Although, could be wrong lol xx
  • chears for that. i suspected the lollipops as the boosters are red!
  • Peanut - It's been washed quite a few times - maybe 7 or 8? I've been using reusables full time for about five weeks or so now and I find I just don't use it anymore image
  • i found with itti's that when pippa was little they didn't fit properly and i stopped using them, but due to a lack of clean nappies i had to use one when she was about 8 weeks, and it fitted fab and no leaks. Now at nearly a year her mediums fit fab and we've never had a leak they even contain her most explosive poo's and fit lovely under her clothes.
    I had one rainbow lollipop and got rid of it as i couldn't fit it under any clothes, at the time she was about 8lbs and i couldn't fit her 0-3 month trousers over it, maybe they fir better when babies are a bit bigger
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