Bambino Mio help please - update

We tried using these when Lily was a few weeks old but the wees just came straight out the leg hole (gave up before she had a chance to do a poo as that would have been MESSY!) so we decided to try again once she'd porked out a bit.

She's now 7 weeks and chubby, so we tried again today but it's been a total disaster - on the first try, after just 2 hours the inner cloth was saturated and so were her vest and trousers. On try 2 the wee leaked out the leg hole straight away and when I had a look at the inner she'd only done a tiny little one - it just hadn't absorbed AT ALL.

I'm using the "loose stools" fold as shown on the BM website, without the disposable liner (have been told that more is absorbed without the liner). I'm very careful to make sure the inner doesn't poke out anywhere, but the leg holes on the outer part just seem to gape, no matter how I adjust them.

I'm now washing all the inners in the hope that they'll be more absorbent - did anyone find this helped? They don't even seem able to contain the wee - am dreading a poo!

Anyone struggled with these but found they eventually got on with them? Any advice welcome as they cost a fortune and I'm loathe to give up on them :'(

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  • Sure you probably know but jsut in case - they shouldn't be washed with fabric conditioner as that can affect the absorbancy.

    Other than that - no idea as I dont' use bambino mios cause i didnt like the look of them.
  • Hi I to have had this problem. I've been really disapointed with the nappies. I found once jamie weighted enough to be in the size small nappy wraps. They worked abit better but we now in size medium and size 2 wraps and they leap like hell. We go through thats many outfits cos evberything gets soaked. Sometimes I put him in the size 1 and small wraps put they still tend to leak. At the min it feels like as soon as I've changed him hes leaked again. sorry haven't got anything postitive to say. xx
  • I started off using the loose poo fold, but I found that it didn't work that well- there wasn't enough padding at the back and that's where all the wee ends up if they're lying down! So I just used the normal fold- just into thirds with the most padded bit in the middle if you see what I mean. This seems to work a lot better for us. We've also always used the liners with them, so you could try with the liner and see if it makes any difference?

    Not really sure what to suggest about the gaping round the legs, we did have that a little at first but not so much now that she's getting bigger.

    I hope that you manage to get them working for you, it's so frustrating when you've spent money on something that doesn't seem to work!
  • Just to let you know I've now washed all the inners and we haven't had a leak since, touch wood!

    I'm switching between the "loose stools" fold and the normal fold - thanks Poz - but haven't settled on which one I prefer yet as we have yet to have a poo in them! (put her in a disposable just for going out to mother & baby group this morning, just in case - and lo and behold, a poo :roll: )

    Will be back with another exciting update when I've seen if they can stand up to one of Lily's explosive number 2s.
  • lol, apologies in advance if they don't pass the test on the normal fold!
  • We've now had several no. 2s and no leakage image So I've gone from despairing about them to being very impressed - all because I washed the inners, as far as I can tell.

    Just wanted to update so that anyone browsing wondering which reusables to go for won't be misled.
  • oh goodness I have only JUST seen this!!! SO GLAD IT WORKED OUT!!! Phew was panicking then after advising them!!!!

    We found the loose poo fold a bit rubbish and went with the standard fold and now use the boy fold, we too washed the inners first and we always use liners!

    So glad you are happy with them! image
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