i have my full nappy stash now

hi. i am expecting my council voucher by monday at the latest, since i have started phoning them up frequently to check on it! so they told me to go ahead and speak to an advisor. i already had a nappy advisor come around in dec and got the bulk then, but i think i definitly have enough to start with! so this is what i have:

15 bum genius one size aio
5 lollipop rainbows size 2
4 flips one size
3 fuzzibunz one size aio
2 totsbots bamboozles size 2
1 weenotions one size pocket with baby's name emrroidered
1 itti bitti delish size 1 pocket

i may have gone a little mad! :lol:

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  • I have to laugh. I'm only at the TTC stage, but considering what I'm like with buying pregnancy tests at the moment, I bet I'm just as bad buying nappies.

    It makes sense to have a range though, it will stop things rubbing in the same place every day, and allows you to see if one type is better than another image
  • I think I may be done too, though I think your definition of 'mad' may differ a little from mine:


    10 x blue tots nippa
    1 Modern baby fitted, size 1
    1 Ethangelie bamboo BTP
    3 x QD Pie size 1
    1 Kissaluv size 1
    1 Sugarpeas peapod emb., small
    1 Muttaqin 3SR, GHMILY print
    3 Muttaqin NB
    1 HL Bedbug, Hedgehog emb.
    1 Sandys XS, blue
    1 Sandys S, white
    1 Luxebaby, blue dolphin
    1 Diddy Diaper
    1 Kiwi Quick flip, cotton, small
    3 CB NB shells
    1 The Raven tree icky nuts BTP
    1 BuggaBugga Boutique Later Gator, small
    1 Bugga Bugga Boutique Fire Dogs, BTP
    1 Babybeehinds hemp BTP

    4 Bamboo squares
    4 Little Ewe premium terry squares
    15 infant prefolds
    1 Popolini Koala


    1 x OBB Marathon pocket, small
    1 Weenotions pocket, small
    1 unknown zoo print pocket, BTP
    2 nature babies stuffables, mint & lemon, BTP
    1 white Swaddlebees pocket, small
    1 Swaddlebees AIO, small
    1 Minki fleece pocket, small
    1 Fussybutt AI2
    3 small fuzzi
    1 Close baby pop-in, green, BTP
    5 Itii D'lish, small, lime, red, choc, yellow, rockmelon
    1 Lollipop pop n gro, green, BTP
    1 Modern baby AI2, green check, BTP
    1Wild Child workhorse, apple minkee, size 1
    3 Mommys Touch pockets, BTP
    1 UD blue check pocket
    1 small green fleece Minki pocket
    6 small Bumgenius AIO
    2 Bumgenius BTP


    6 NB cotton bottom,s, various patterns
    Babybeehinds wrap, small
    Airflow, blue, small
    Nature babies, blue check, small
    Thirsties, turquoise, small
    Modern baby, yellow check, XS
    4 small Popolini wraps
    4 Onelife wraps


    1 Sweet Seats Tunisian longies, greens, nb/small
    1 Sweet Seats Crochet longies, WSK London, nb/small
    1 Savannah knit longies, nb
    1 AIW crochet longies, blues/purples, nb
    1 green buttknit shorties, monster, small
    1 Soaring Sheep Spring Fields longies
    2 BB&M flongies
    1 BB&M fleece soaker
    1 Green stacinator wrap, small
    1 hand dyed bumpy wool wrap, small
    2 preloved mama-knit longies, pixie knit yarns
    1 Engel wool wrap, small
    1 Disana pull on soaker, small
    2 small Couche Covers
  • mrs setters that's cheating! you're a nappy advisor!

    but after reading your stashes i think i may need more...
  • You really don't need any more! My husband has told me to tell you that if you value your marriage, don't get addicted to fluffy nappies!
  • that made my husband laugh! but i think i may need more itti bittis. but i am going to wait and see what baby likes to wear!
  • that made my husband laugh! but i think i may need more itti bittis. but i am going to wait and see what baby likes to wear!
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