I'm still confused! HELP!

Ok, so I have decided that I do want to give reusable nappies a go!

But im confused!

I want to go for AIO, which I take will need washing at every change!

Will I need a waterproof cover, the ones I have been looking do state that the outer layer is waterproof!

Also will I need:
a) Liners
b) Boosters
c) There is a lot of talk about fleece being put in a nappy and people cutting their own, what is this for and is it just everyday fleece you can get off the market?

Sorry for all the questions just want to be prepared!



  • you dont need a wrap if there is a waterproof layer
    a and c) i got a meter of fleece from the habersashery and cut it to size. it provides a stay dry layer. a paper liner just gets sogy, whih you dont really want next to baby's bum.
    b) i used the inserts and boosters with my pocket nappies.

    which nappies are you getting? that would help you see.

  • We got all our nappies online from screaming green which has a great advice page as well as their shop. Have a look, you may find that the nappies you have don't need a booster or already have them as some brands use different wording i.e. sometimes boosters are called inserts etc.
    Hope this helps
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