Nappy bins again!

Im writing this after reading the other post asking about nappy bins.
Im going to be using a combo of 15 reusables and some disposables...just wondering what size nappy bi I should get? Would a 16L do or should I just go to Focus as mentioned by one post reply and buy a bucket from there? Should I get a small bucketfor the disposables, so I can throw cotton wool and wipes in too?
You can tell I havent done this before...hope I dont sound stupid asking daft questions..Sorry!!
Any advice very welcome xxxx :\?


  • Hi Pinkpig (LOVE the picture!!)

    Sorry if this is really detailed, but i didn't know quite how else to explain LOL!

    I used disps for the first few months and i put everything in a degradable bag then put these in a little bucket with lid til i got round to putting them out in the bin. I did sometimes put more than one nappy in a bag esp, if they were just pee.

    Now, I use a 20-30L bin (not sure exactly sorry) for my reusables. It's plastic so is easy to wash out every so often. I have a degradable nappy bag on the go for the day. I put Matthew's night time disp in it and all the wipes I use. I put the liner and poop in the toilet and flush. The 'in-use' bag is kept in his room (out of his reach!!) and gets chucked at the end of the day. If it's v stinky during the day i chuck it out there and then.

    Hope that helps. Oh, by the way I use Boots degradable nappy bags and flushable/compostable liners i get from (100 per roll)
  • Thanks juliette...massive help. I know what I will do now....xxxxx
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