Little Lamb Re-usable nappies

Hi Girls,

I am thinking of trying out some re-usable nappies and some disposable ones..

I have found a girl local to me who can sell me 10 re-usable Little Lamb nappies with the fleece liners for a tenner, which seems bargain just to try out.

Has anyone got any thoughts on these re-usables?? can you share.

Do you need a nappy bin? Do you have to wash them straight away, or can you keep them somewhere and wash a few at a time? Do you need a plastic wrap over the top as well? Any problems?

I'd love to hear from you. X


  • hi there, we have bought 20 bamboo little lamb nappies for our baby who is due in october. they are so cute and lovely and soft! We chose them as my friend used little lamb nappies with her twins and said they were fab. I have looked at a lot of reviews online too and they all seem to say they are good. I will prob buy some fun ones too but want to see how i get on first. we got a set of 20 from ebay for ??50, never used so bargain! you will need a nappy bin, but you dont need to wash straight away, just pop them in the nappy bin until you want to do your wash. you dont soak them either. little lamb nappies need a wrap and you can buy little lamb ones. we got 10 as part of the set we bought, so have a wee look on ebay for some bargains. xx
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