Bum Genius or Wonderoos - advice please fao Julliette

I was dead set on after a few weeks using the Wonderoo reusable nappies but can't find any feedback about them has anyone tried them or uses them, any recomendations or advise,

I have now seen the Bum Genius also one size birth to potty but they start at 7lb slightly smaller baby, what are these like any good or recommendations, Have asked in Resuable nappies before but not got much joy, will post in there again.

15 Week today

Juliette can you have a look at my post at the bottom hubby thinks as long as the outer nappy is not wwet you just change the insert and liner, I think you need to change the whole nappy every time. What would you say?



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  • I was also set on getting some Kushies, but after actually seeing the bumgenius in the flesh at the babyshow I think we will go with these.

    I've ordered a couple of the one size and a couple of the small sized all in one bumgenius nappies. If we like them then I'll get a load more.

    Only thing I was worried about is, are the birth to potty one size nappies okay for newborn. Are they not too bulky? Anyone tried these on their LO from a few weeks old. I'm planning on using Eco disposables for the first few days maybe weeks.

    But if they are too bulky then will get some more of the small AIOs and then use the one size adjustables when they are a bit bigger.

    I've just placed my order with the natural baby resource website. Will post on here if they are any good or not. But they do give good discounts if your buying say 15-20 at a time. Plus they sell the extra inserts which maybe needs for nighttimes.

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  • I don't use bum genius but am using the pop-in nappies which seem to be very similar. I love them although the bamboo inners take a while to dry. They seem much more slim-fitting than some of the other one-size nappies. I have some Motherease and they are quite bulky on her at the moment (11lbs).

    I used disposables for thefirst 8 weeks or so but mainly because I was waiting for the baby show.

    H xx
  • Any one else give any recommendations please.


  • HI
    I use Bumgeius Pockets (birth to potty). Sorry, can't advise on how they are for newborn as i didn't start til 4-5 months. I just used eco disps then.
    The newer version of the BGs (V3) is much better than the older ones. The elastic lasts better and they have a waterproof bit at the top inside that has stopped all the leaks we once got there with the older version.
    I find them easy to use and great to wash and dry. My nappies are often dry overnight on an airer in a warm spot and the inserts don't take much longer. They dry brilliantly on a warm, sunny day :\) I wash them at 40degrees, not too much detergent and nothing else. I do a rinse-spin after the wash to get out any left over detergent (build up can affect absorbancy) and also to freshen them even more. Every so often i do a full wash without detergent after their main wash to get out any build up of detergent.
    I dry pail in a mesh bag (this goes straight in the machine and the nappies tumble out by themselves) Dry pailing is fine, but if we have a poop explosion or leak i wash off the poop with the shower and let the nappy dry out a little before putting them in the bucket.
    The nappies are really quite easy to use, i just take a bit of time to make sure they fit snuggly and the liner isn't sticking out at the sides. I bought 15 and this enabled me to do a wash every 2-3 days (depends on how much your LO pees). Matthew is now 22m and i change his nappy every 3-3.5 hours. I use them a lot but use disps if we're out for long. (I also use disps if he;s got a stimach bug - just easier!)
    The velcro seems to be lasting very well but the elastic has given a bit. I guess this is to be expected from that much use/washing. I think if you can tumble dry them every so often then that help the velcro or elastic (but don't quote me on it!!)
    I found that Matthew was quite a big or strong pee-er!! When he was 1 (I think) i started using a hemp insert along with the fleece BG one. (I got Ellas House ones i think). This insert really helped - good absorbancy and when you remove it you can see how much Lo has peed cos it has like a tide mark on it (just handy for tracking their peeing habbits - does that sound weird??!!) The BGs are a lovely slim nappy (something i really liked about them). The hemp insert made them a bit bulkier, but not much. The hemp insert takes longer to dry but isn't too bad.
    Can't think of anything else at the moment, except i am generally really happy with them. They are a bit more work than disps, but i think worth it for the money, but it's the environmental bit that i do it for (not that i'm preaching!)
    If you have other qs, post on here and i'll keep my eye out.
    HTH, Juliette ;\)
  • Wow thanks Juliette you have been very helpful I have kept a note of it in my emails for future reference, think I will get these ones as nobody has anything to say about the Wonderoos.

    I did not expect so much info but its really helpful so thanks you so much once again.


  • No problem - if you think of any questions (no matter how daft they seem!) just put a msg here or in toddler and i should see it.

    Have a happy & healthy pregnancy - when's your due date? :\)
  • Thats a nice message Juliette thanks, at my dating scan they said I am due 31st August but that meant I was pregnant a week before my last af, so I still have my date in mind a week later 7th September, so really anywhere in that week.


  • 31 August is a super date - it's my birthday!!
  • omg what a coincidence, perhaps we can keep in touch.

    I am worried about it being the youngest in school year how did you find it?


  • HIya
    I'm happy to keep in touch.
    I feel a bit odd saying this but i coped fine being the youngest in my year. But then i was lucky cos i didn't really struggle with accademic stuff.
    How are you feeling? I had awful nausea for 4 months with Matthew
  • If you press my email button I can email you back directly and chat via our own emails if you wish.

    I am fine not had any morning sickness at all which our family finds very strange as both my mum and nan had it back the whole time, and I was born 3 months premature.


  • Only just seen this thread... I'm using wonderoos that I got from Babykind on line, and I am finding them fab - they are so easy, even my hubby is happy to use them! I am really pleased I went for the pocket nappy rather than a two piece with a wrap, and the one size fits all is a real money saver.

    I have been using them from about 6 weeks old - they were a bit too bulky in my opinion before that. Also as I'm a first time Mum I wanted to make life as simple as possible in the first few weeks, and having a bit less washing was good at this stage.

    I have bought a few bamboo inserts as well as the terry ones to use as a booster overnight as my LO is still too small for me to use both the terry inserts together. But as he gets bigger and the nappies are on a bigger setting I don't think this will be a problem.

    Hope this is helpful if a little late! :\)
  • Thanks pipin, you are the only person that has ever replied regarding the wonderoos thank you, still undecided, I want to use then after a few weeks and think they will be too bulky so may go with the bum genius and they don't appear to be as big.


  • HIya
    If you can, it may be worth getting one of each to start with and just try them out over a few days. I did this with the ones we first got, to see what we liked, and it was also a good way for me to slowly get used to them, move away from disps.
  • Since replying the first time I have actually bought 5 Bum Genius nappies and am loving them. The inserts dry quicker than the pop-in ones. LO is less than 12lbs at the moment and they fit her really well - plus the pink ones look so sweet under a summer dress LOL!

    I also agree with Juliette - trying out one of each for a while will help you as each baby is different.

    H xx
  • Thanks blondfriend, nice to know you are happy with them.


  • Hubby has been looking at the bumgenius and is wondering if we use the inserts plus liners would we need to change the outer bit of the nappy each time as well as the insert and the paper liner etc. I think we do but he seems to think that as long as it's not wet and is still clean then we could just get a fresh insert and liner.

    Advise on this one please, am I right or is hubby.


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  • Because the insert is inside a pocket of the outer any urine soaks through the pocket into the insert so it all gets wet and needs washing. The pop-in ones have the insert next to the baby's skin so any urine needs to soak all the way through but to be honest it usually does.

    H xx
  • HI - sorry for delay, been away for the week.
    Blondefriend is right - you'd need to wash all the bits of the nappy (if using the flushable liners, i don't know about the washable liners??)
    However, there are times when the nappy has only been on a little while, and LO does a poop, and you can just take the poop + liner out and carry on using that nappy with a new liner.
    Have you bought any BGs yet? Sometimes it's really helpful to see one in the flesh. Also, once you have your LO and you can 'practise' with the nappies you'll kinda find your own way in how best to use them. I have found that as Matthew has got older and his peeing/pooping patterns have changed, so has the way in which i use the nappies, how many i need, how long they're on for.
    Hope that helps x
  • Thanks Juliette nice to know if its done a woo on the liner we don't need to change the whole thing.

    Hope you had a good holiday, where have you been anywhere nice?

    Not got any yet bit too early, just bought a few clothes cheap last week our first few bits, just ordered nusery bedding from mothercare, but think the cot bed we want is too big for the sheets etc.

    18 weeks today.
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