Anyone used these? Been looking at getting these for Lo when s/he finally arrives and my council has them as one of the options for the starter packs on offer, just wondered if anyone can advise?


  • Hi, I just got a maxi pack of these (10 nappies plus some other bits n bobs). I had a bumgenius and bamboozle stretchy as a 'trial' which were really nice but took ages to dry, then I just went for the dream dri as my friend has them and I just thought it would be more convenient.

    They're not that bulky but poppering them down to the smaller settings does make the tops of the legs a bit funny, I only started using them on my 11 pound, 3 month old, this week. I think for a newborn they might be a bit big. But then you're only going to not get that if you do sized nappies I guess. They dry really quickly, they are not natural materials but that didn't bother me.

    My LO is only using about 6 a day now as she sleeps through and doesn't poo often and as they dry so quickly I think I may be able to get by with just the 10 nappies, though I do have my other 2 trial ones to use too. They washed out great at 40 degrees (had lots of poo on a few!). Had one or two leaks ( a really big one yesterday) but think it might be not having put them on perfectly. She managed to go all night (11 hours) yesterday with just the booster without any leaks. I also have some bamboo things to put in to add absorbency at nighttime but haven't tried these yet - they took ages to dry after I prewashed them though.

  • I use the bamboo Pop-in which is brilliant. I did order one dream-dri Pop-in for comparison and while it feels lovely and soft and it dries really quickly after washing I don't find it absorbant enough generally, especially at night, even with the bamboo booster. Depends if you have a mega-pee-er if you know what I mean!
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