Advice on nappy covers

Hi all

My 1st baby is due in 5 weeks so have been sorting out my Bambino Mio nappies to wash i thought u had 6 newborn covers but infact only have 4 - will this be enough?

How many covers do other people have / use ?


35 weeks today!


  • We too only had 4 new born covers and although we managed I think getting a couple fo extra would have been helpful - we probably had to run a fair few of our nappy washes sooner in order to have enough covers again.

    Now on the next size we have 6 covers and it is much eaiser!
  • Thanks Craftycharli

    Thats sort of what i thought so i'll be off to get a couple more


    35 + 1
  • I agree that a couple more would probably be a good idea, I have 5 newborn covers and 4 in every other size. Might be worth having a look on e-bay as you can quite often get brand new covers cheaper than in the shops.
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