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are one size pocket nappies really suitable from birth?

hiya, i've been looking at various types of nappies for a while but am trying to start to build my stash now so need to decide what to go for and was wondering if you experienced reusable nappy users could help me decide?? i've bought a couple of different samples to try to get a better idea and so far i've got a few one-size pocket nappies (similar to bum genius but ebay cheapie versions!) and a bambino mio newborn starter kit. now obviously it would work out a lot cheaper to buy one set of pocket nappies to use from birth to potty but have those of you who've used these found that you vcan actually use these for the whole time? this is my first baby so i don't really have any experience of nappy changing but they seem a bit big for a little newborn.
also am i kidding myslef that the pocket nappies will be easier to use? it seems like the easier option because its just like a disposable and you don't have to faff too much assembling it, but i can see how it could be easier to use the nappies with separate covers as you may not have to change the whole thing each time. what do you think?
at the moment i'm thinking it might make most snese to use sized bambino mios or mothercare smart nappies for the first few months and then switch to the pocket nappies when baby is a bit bigger - what do you think?

sorry for all the questions!


  • we use pocket nappies all the time and have done since my lo was a month with a few all in ones. My lo was only 6lb9 and was to small to fit into bumgenius to begin with, but then it was a few weeks before i got my head around having a baby and a few more before i made the switch. I love the simplicity of them, my dh can use them and her nursery say there the best cloth nappy they've used. I know a few people who have used bambino mio and to be honest they haven't got on very well at all with them and they are a bit more fiddly then a pocket, best thing to do is what your doing try out a few and see what you like best as not all nappies suit all babies
  • thanks girlinleeds, its good to know you've used them from a young age and they've been fine as i tend to only come across people who've used them from a bit older so was wondering if they'd be ok. what sort do you use? x
  • i have something of a large stash imageops: my lo has 50+ nappies, quite a few bumgenius, some weenotions, pop in's, itti bitti, greenkids, blueberries, upsy daisies (unfortunately these aren't made anymore), as i said best thing is buy aa few different types and try them all out, have fun
  • I wouldn't recommend bambino mio, I think there's a good reason there are so many for sale cheap on ebay ! We had bumgenius for our little one and they fitted well. I had emergency C-section though so didn's start using them till DS was about 6weeks. I got mine from who have what seems a good honest advice page as well as blueberry minky nappies which I now have nappy envy on but as I don't have any can't say whether they'd be OK for newborns. My friend has a toddler and used Bumgenius all the way through to potty training when her other motherease would no longer fit her little girl.

    Oops sorry for the waffle, hope this has helped a bit.
  • i tried fuzzi bunz and they didnt work for us but i bought a trial nappy from littlelamb nappies and love it (just gone and bought another 10) these arnt pocket nappies though, its a bamboo nappy with a wrap. and my daughter hasnt leaked all day! they also do pocket nappys but only in white. just some food for thought
  • i now like my fuzzibunz after not working for us at the start. dd is now 4 months and the fuzzibunzs are fine now. we started using clothies (mainly bum genius) at around week 3 / 4, she was around 10lb 10 at that stage looking at the red book. i used all the nappies i got on special offer whilst pregnant before we started, but in the end gave a big bag away as she was not in size 1 long enough!!! so i think, if i can remember correctly, from 8lb they fit fine.
  • i used tots bots when ds was a month till he grew out the first size (not the all in ones but the nappy and nappy wrapper) found them very good, no leaks but as son grew older became difficult as clothes arent made to go over them!!! think would be easier with girl as can wear dresses over.
    i will be using them again escpecially when in the house. and if girl will think about investing in next size up or some all in one, one size.

    let me know how you get on!!

  • that's true about clothes. with trousers, babygros and vests dd is in 6-9 months and she is 4 months old. you can get extenders though
  • I used lollipop pop n gro from day 5 on lo, but he was 9lb13 at birth, definitely could of used if he was a bit lighter, think they are fine from about 8lb x
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