How many reusable nappies? (Also in baby)

Hi, my son is 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm thinking of using the Mothercare Smart nappy. I was just wondering how many you would think I would need? I've no idea!!!


Daffodil & Andrew (2 weeks 2mo)



  • It depends on how regularly you are planning on washing them really!
    I've got around 20 for my daughter (I think!), that means I do a wash every 2-3 days (can't be doing with washing them every day as with 4 children I have other lots of washing to do aswell!).
    Like I say I do a wash every couple of days, remember to leave enough nappies for little one to wear whilst the others are drying, especially if its raining outside and you dont have a tumble drier etc.
    I'd say as a rough guide you would need at least 10-15, especially when they are young and do lots of runny poos!! xxx
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