How old when you put LO in reusables?

Lily is a month old and we've tried putting her in her Bambino Mios twice now, but as soon as she does anything it just comes straight out the leg hole. Is she just a bit little for them do you think? Her legs aren't particularly chubby so there's a bit of a gap. I really hope so, as the birth-to-potty kit was a ??200 gift :\(

I wondered if maybe there was a knack to it or an alternative way of folding the inner bit, but they're so simple that I don't think there's much to do differently.

How soon were yours in their reusables, particularly those of you who use Mios?


  • We use Bambino Mios, and started when Beth was about a month old. I have to say that at first we did have a few accidents, mostly out of the leg holes as you describe! I don't think there's any real knack to it, just getting them as tight as you can without making her uncomfortable. We use ours a lot now and rarely have probs except for when she goes a few days without pooing- and even disposables rarely stand up to that! Hopefully you'll find that as she grows they'll fit a little better- what does she weigh now?
  • Thanks Poz! I think I'll wait a few weeks and then try again. I'm not sure what she weighs but got HV on Thurs so will find out then. Good to hear that you don't normally have many accidents.
  • HI PinkT
    I put Matthew in his (BumGenius pockets) when he was 4-5 months. I would have tried earlier than that but I had a few other problems to deal with.
    Good luck to you and Poz tho
  • Hi ya

    With max being prem we had a lot of other stuff to worry about and he was teeny tiny too but we think he was about 8/9 weeks when we started. If you go on the kiddicare website and search for bambino mio and look at the birth to potty pack there is a video there that you can watch that has different ways to fit the leg holes for chubby or skinny legs so that might be worth a look?!

    We don't v often have leaks now at all!!! About 2 dirtied covers a week but VERY rare to leak totally out!!! So you WILL use them!!! Promise (feel bad for the suggestion now :cry: )
  • Don't feel bad CC, no one has said they weren't able to get on with them eventually :\) Also very useful to know about the video, thank you.

    Am not worried about using disposables until the Mios fit better :\)
  • We had a whole bunch of different reusables -not birth to potty ones and started using them when cole was about 4 weeks old - we found the smaller ones were better at first, and we did have one explosive incident in one that was a bit big which involved us having to call in the stainguard guarantee people to clean the sofa image

    Definately worth watching the video (i did watch it when researching nappies but didnt like the feel of the bambino mios), or just putting them away for another 2-3 weeks and trying again.
  • I changed to cloth at 5 months old but hope to use them from b????rth w????th number 2!
  • mine were newborn and straight into cloth, but then i am an addict and have various different brands for different purposes. i have wraps at home which suit a 4lber so if you need anythign smaller than you have just give me a shout and you can have them ffp
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