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Hi my lo is 11 months old and I have always used disposable nappies....but today in mothercare their 'smart nappies' caught my eye. This is because you can use disposable liners in a resuable nappy so there is less waste for the environment than the nappies I use and no more extra washing to impact on environment cos I can wash the nappy outer with his towels. This seems a great idea. They are also really thin so should hopefully dry quick - which has been one of my other concerns about resuables. I got one nappy and a pack of liners to try. I go home and put the nappy on him ... and guess what he had a shit 2 mins after I put nappy on!! I thought this was a good test! I took the nappy straight off and took the liner out and disposed of it but there was poo on the nappy too so had to put it in the wash. I can not see how the nappy stays clean at all?! and it says you shouldn't have to change the nappy outer each time - is that true?? I like the idea of them if I don't have to change the outer bit each time cos he wriggles soooo much that it would be easier to just change the pad than the whole nappy.
I was so excited about trying these as they were everything I thought I want but now I am not s sure.
Anyone else use these? Anyone love them?


  • Hi

    We got some but ended up getting rid of them. They leaked and I ended up having to chnage Lily's clothes often duirng the day because of it. The wee leaked out of the back. We did think it was because Lily was a heavy wetter but even when I padded out the nappy the same happened. She was wearing the correct size and it was always done up tightly. We were really dissapointed with them. We have since tried motherease and we have not had any leaks! I would only by a trial pack and see how you get on before committing to a green bag full of them.

    Good luck.

  • Hi! my first post image

    We use the mothercre smart nappy and LOVE it! So much so that I bought some nbones for the n ew bump :lol:
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