Bambino Mio - what do i really need??

I really want to use reusables this time round and after lots of looking on-line these seem to be the best. I was wondering from those of you that use them if there is a essential list i need, as the website suggests lots of things - but i only want to get what i REALLY need! So sugg on how many covers, etc i need would be fab image Also who used these from newborn, am planning on bf which means lots of runny poos - do they stand up to these too?? Any help would be fab!

thanx, kim xxx


  • Hi there

    I use these and lo is now 14 months and I love them. He was prem and tiny so I think he was about 10 weeks or so before we used them but that was partly for ease as well to get used to having him before thinking about folding and washing etc. I got the birth to potty pack after trying the freebies and liking them. I was breastfeeding too and they stood up the the poos fine occasional dirty cover but nothign worse than that. We had 6 covers in each size so that while 3 were being washed you still had 3 so that if one got dirtied there were still enough for a couple of changes. Does that make sense??

    HTH - anything else just ask!
  • Hey Kim!

    CC recommended the BM birth to potty pack to me and after teething probs (my own fault - I hadn't washed the inners so they didn't absorb wee properly) I'm now pleased with them.

    There are two parts to the nappy - the inner (just a rectangle of padded material) and the outer (waterproof pants with velcro fasteners). The inners come in 2 sizes: small and large, and the outers come in 4 sizes: newborn, small, large & extra large.

    Lily is 8 weeks and just going up to the "small" size, so I only have experience of newborn and small - but I have 4 outers in each of these sizes and this is fine. They're light enough that if a bit of poo gets onto them you can give them a bit of a wash and they're dry on the radiator in less than half an hour. I find they cope with bf poo just as well as disposables (ie generally contain it fine, but sometimes a bit of leakage out the legs).

    I have 24 inners in each size (though I've not used the large size yet, as I say) and I wouldn't want any fewer. We go through 6-8 a day and sometimes I only do a wash every other day.

    Right, I appear to have waffled on. In my humble opinion I'd say the bare essentials are:

    - 4 outers in each of the 4 sizes
    - at least 20 inners in each of the 2 sizes
    - bucket and antibacterial powder stuff
  • Ah thanx to you both for replying!!! I feel like a total novice - but then i guess i am - although my mum is at bursting point as she cant wait to use them - 17th grandchild....first one in re-usables - there totally different to the ones she used obviously, so was hoping for your expert opinions!

    Right so i need :

    6 newborn covers (how long do these last age wise?)
    24 small Inners to be safe...!

    Antibacterial powder stuff - now is the stuff that goes in the bucket with the inners? And do u put them in dry in the bucket til washing or add water to the bucket (have visions of floating poo right now eeewww!!!) image til washing?

    Do i need liners for a newborn, or does the bf poo slide off them??

    Do you have to get the bambino Mio washing powder and stain remover, or does fairy non bio do the job?

    And last but not the inners stain bad with certain explosions or do they come out white again once washed - is there any stain remover you can recommend..or any process for removing stains?

    Right PTB i appear to have waffled more than you :lol: so i will leave it at that image


  • Lily was 7lbs10oz at birth and now, at 8 weeks and 11lbs4oz, has just graduated from the newborn to the small size covers.

    Antibac powder stuff - yep, this goes in a bucket of cold water, and the nappies soak in this until you wash them. Yes, it is a bit gross and the poo does float a bit, but it mostly just turns the water yellow. To reduce the amount of poo that goes in the bucket in the first place, I flush the loo and hold the inners in the flush so that the worst of it gets flushed away first.

    Can't answer about liners for a newborn. I didn't use them - the inners coped fine, but yes, they are now stained yellow (though only faintly). Maybe CC or someone else can help...? Likewise, haven't yet discovered what's best for washing the inners with & removing stains - have posted asking for help with this on Baby. Currently I just wash them at 40C with non-bio - this seems ok but as I say they don't come out pure white.

    Who'd have thought this could be so exciting a topic of coversation image
  • I put my nappies in a dry bucket and always have no soaking or anything. I only wash twice a week now too once on Sunday and once on a wed (not that you need to know the days!) I use the bambino mio antibacterial nappy wash (only cos I am too lazy to search for what else there is and it is normally on offer on kiddicare) in the wash along with ordinary bio detergent. All our inners are stained but I am not bothered so can't help with that sorry. Don't remember how long the last for weeks wise but I could check the weights if you want. I seem the remember new born didn't last long (but we didn't use them from when he was new born) but Small and medium lasted ages and he si now 14 months and been in large about a fortnight.

    We have always used the paper liners and they seemed fine even with bf poo then you can flush them away and it stops the inners being too bad. Some people on here (I know Kia and someone else) even wash the paper liners in the machine if they are only wee-ed on but I never have done that)

    HTH - anymore quesitons go for it!
  • Heya I got the Birth to potty set recently ??95 whuu made up ;\) But mine where 2nd hand although they had only used one Inner, so everythings new except didnt come with instructions of how to use an take care of them!!!

    Hoping to use them after babies cord has dropped off etc! But like kim i need advice!

    erm firstly every time you change baby do you change the inner too even if its just pee?

    How do you apply the paper liner? it mentions wrapping it around the Cotton-inner But still baffled, Iv tried looking for tutorials etc but carnt find any! :roll:

    are you allowed to use paper Liners in the newborn size?

    Is there a special way you put the inner inside the nappy?

    An have any of you used the pvc covers for heavy wetters/night times?

    is there a difference between dry pailing an using water pailing?

    Sorry for all the questions! image

  • Hi Leea - have a look at the following videos on You Tube - shows you how to fold them etc.

    Standard Fold

    Standard Boy Nappy Fold

    'Poo Catcher' Fold

    Hope they help!

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