Which reusable nappies?

Hello ladies! I'm gatecrashing here from the Pregnancy forum, but I hope you won't mind. I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am wondering about nappies! I want to use reusable ones, but there is so much choice, I don't know where to start. I would really appreciate the benefit of your experience as to which are the best value or easiest to use, etc.

Many thanks,
Astraad xx


  • Thanks! I will have a look at those. And I'm glad you said that about the council schemes, I had no idea!

    Hmm, I don't have a tumble-drier at the moment though...
  • I use motherease and cottom bottoms. The mother ease are better as they are a full nappy and are birth to potty as you can adjust the poppers. A waterproof cover is used over the top, you do not need to use the same brand, i use the cotton bottom covers. With mother ease there is a snap in booster pad for more protection, which i have not used yet as my little one does not need it yet. They are quite expensive but look on ebay for some bargains!
    I hang mine in the airing cupbpard to dry.
  • I didnt have a tumble dryer when i started iwth the reusable nappies so i bought seperate nappies and wraps rather than all in ones so they would dry better. lasted a month in winter with no tumble dryer and then bought one image

    What i did was buy a bunch of different ones cheap off ebay so I had a variety to try, and i've ended up mostly with size 2 little lambs, and bamboozles now. The little lambs were cause I liked them best, and then the bamboozles cause they were on offer at the baby show!

    i'd say with no tumble dryer, avoid bamboo nappies - yeah they are good for heavy wetters but they are a pig to dry. even after going in the tumble dryer for 1-2 hours (depending on how much other stuff is in there) they are still wet around the elastic. Microfluffle on the other hand is great - almost dry as it comes out of the washer image

    I quite fancy trying some all in ones (possibly bumgenius) as they aren't as bulky but I've got the other ones now so probably won't bother cause I'm lazy and only part time use reusables.

    Personally i think the best thing you can do is pick up a few trial packs or bargains off ebay to see what you like best. Also from experience with a wiggly boy, the velcro fastening ones rather than the safety pin/nappy nippa ones are a lot easier to fasten on an escaping baby!

    definately worth getting in touch with your council too - i got a ??45 voucher, and details on local nappy councillers -0 the one who i rung and spent my voucher with gave me tons of info
  • I just purchased my first lot of reusabe nappies today, went to a specialist shop and got a variety of 6 different ones, then will see which ones I get on best with and buy some more once the baby is a few weeks old. The owner of the shop knew her stuff and was able to show me how each one worked and the pros and cons of each so it might be worth going somewhere in person for the initial investment rather than buying off the net.
    Em-38 weeks
  • i tried fuzzibunz think thats the spelling(oz brand) they were great not too big and bulky, they dried really quick too as i didn't have tumble drier. i borrowed thro nappy scheme which was really helpful. i have to add i didn't end up using them for my 1st as i got to it quite late but for no.2 when it happens i am def. going to go for it. save thousands!!!!
  • I agree with ILoveMyGeek - I use BumGenius V3 pockets. Have very few problems with them, if any, and the newer design (V3) are better than the old cos they have an anti-leak strip of waterproof fabric at the top. I bought some hemp inserts to add to the fleece ones you get with the BG (not sure what the hemp make is but i think i go them from Kittykins). These are great and really help absorbancy but don't make it too bulky.
    However, that's just my (and OH's) opinion. It is best to try a few makes and styles - either buying 2nd hand or using a scheme.
    Good luck and enjoy trying them out!
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