hi ladies I brought my 1st...........

nappy pack with 4 nappies. I have been wanting to do this and the other day worked out all I check away in my grey bin is nappies, I was so shocked and should have a full switch over next week xx wish I did it sooner xx no need to reply just wanted to share xx


  • Ooo what did you get & what else are you getting?!
    If its the waste that you hate, give washable wipes a try too, you wont even notice theyre there and it will save a fortune too...Good luck with them
  • hi hun I am using smart nappy and I have seen these reusable wiping cloths that I will be getting till then I am using wipes you can put in the loo xx
  • shocking how much room they take up we've always about half filled our bin, when we had lo it was over flowing, then we switched to cloth a year ago and it's back to being half full again, and just imagine that's just one baby and one bin imagine how many there are in the country
    welcome to the wonderful world of cloth
  • thanks hun, it is crazy how much room they take up in my bin, I love my new nappies xx
  • Hi there

    can anyone advise me which cloth nappies to buy? I am due on 2nd August with my first baby and really want to give them a go. Caught a couple of demos at the London Baby Show - Bambino Mio and 'One life'. they both seemed really good but are quite different.

  • Hi Cezzae. I recently bought Naughty Baby nappies from a shop on Ebay and they are fab. They are around ??58 for 12 nappies and 24 inserts. Rainbow BB are similar which are also found on Ebay, Rainbow BB are slightly cheaper but come all the way from China, where the Naughty Baby ones were from Bristol so I figured they would arrive her sooner.

    Don't know how they would do for a newborn tho. They are one size fits all and have poppers down the front to alter the size so one lot of nappies should do the baby as long as they are in nappies, but they may be a bit bulky. Not sure if this is a problem with all cloth nappies tho.

    Good luck x
  • ne o our reasons for choosing reuaables was the rubbish. we have 3 cats that we got as kittens and we know what a bin full of litter is like in summer!
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