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I am 37+1 with no3 and would really like to use reuseables for this one.

When we had no1 we bought a Cotton Bottoms birth to potty pack with about 3 or 4 different sizes to see us right through to him being potty trained. We used one nappy when lo was about 3 weeks old and that same evening he just screamed and screamed, hubby was out so I was trying to cope on my own and work out what was wrong but couldn't stop him crying. Hubby came home and took the nappy off and he stopped! Don't know if it was coincidence or what!

After that I was too scared to use them again in case he was like that again, looking back it was probably just his temperament at the time, he was quite a hard baby to please early on!

With no2 I just never got round to switching him to reusables once we'd settled after the first few weeks so up to now apart from one nappy the whole set has gone unused.

Has anyone used Cotton Bottoms before and would recommend me giving them another go? I think they've been discontinued as I can't find much info about them online and nowhere seems to sell them now. Would I be better trying to sell them and tyring another make, and if so which ones would you recommend?


Kelly x x

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  • Hi Kelly, I bought the birth to potty cotton bottoms pack pack but didn't really get on with them. I found them a bit fiddly to use and too bulky. I can also imagine they might not be as comfy as some due to the folding. They have been discontinued now & there's so many other great reusuables out.

    We switched to bumgenius pocket nappies which are good value as theyre one size. I really like them as they're quite slim fitting, easy to use and quick drying.
    Theyre on the website where there's lot's of others and useful reviews of the various nappies. xx
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