how do they work and what do I need?

Well Leo is just over 1 and Tegan is 2 1/2 so im starting a bit late but im sick and tired of using disposables and them leaking/bursting everywhere.

I looked in to using disposables when I was pregnant with them both but i just couldnt get my head around how they worked :roll: so i was hoping you ladies can shed some light on what i actually need, including what i need to wash them/store them in etc and also how they are put on? as ive read about liners and such things but it goes right over my head.

Any help would great :\)

Hannah xx


  • haha hannah, great minds. i've just started using them with hollie but im not having any luck as she is soaking and leaking through them all.

    i bought mothercares own to try and a friend has lent me some of her fuzzi bunz ones. i'm still at a loss with the whole booster, insert and liner busness. apparently its all about finding the best absorbancy and material for your baby.

    google real nappies and good luck, let me know how you get on xxx
  • The best person to ask on here is Mrs Setters - she is a real nappy advisor!! Maybe put out an FAO for her?

    We use Pocket Nappies. They have a waterproof layer built in, so no need to use outer waterproof wraps. The have a pocket opening in the back of the nappy, which is where you put your insert/booster. These can be made of microfibre, terry, hemp, or bamboo, and you can use more or less inserts in the pocket depending on the absorbancy you need. The pocket nappies dont need a liner on the top of the nappy.
    I then have a bucket with a lid (to stop smells!), and every couple of days or so I put all the nappies in the washing machine, then dry them. I then put the dry inserts back inside the nappies, so they are completely made up and ready to use in the same way you would put on a disposable - even my husband can manage it!

    There are so many different kinds of nappies out there, it is a bit of trial and error as to what type you go for. is a great forum for asking any questions you have! xxxx
  • Thanks for your help ladies image ill repost this in baby for Mrs Setters.

    Cant wait to get me some new nappies image xxx
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