Best place to sell reuseable nappies?

Time to sell my bum genius nappies as my first lo is now potty trained and we didn't use them with my second. So, was wondering if anyone knows if it's worth trying to resell them and the best place for it? I know you can only sell new on ebay.


  • have a look at I'm a member on there and they have a really good classifieds section. If they are in good nick you'll probably get quite a good price for them.
  • Thanks Bedhead. Just had a look at the site and seems good..just need to work out what to put them on for.x
  • There are loads of used reusable nappies on eBay. You can also mark them as used in the item specifics area when you list.
  • Yep, you can list them on ebay, but it contravenes their rules and they take them back down again!
  • Hey, I did list my old cotton bottoms on there ages ago but they were taken off. I didn't realise, but you are only supposed to list new nappies on ebay.
  • Hi, like Bedhead said clothnappytree is a good site (I'm a member too!) or there's also
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