more help?

good news the shop i bought my one life from are taking them back so i now have a choice between bambinomio or tots bots hopefully she has pocket tots bots cause i like the look of them any suggestions/reviews of either??


  • If you can get them the Pocket Tots bots would be good as they are slim fitting. The other tots bots nappies would be as bulky as the ones you already have. The Bambino Mios are slimmer than the One Life's you have, I've not tried them but have seen quite mixed reviews. A lot of people absolutely love them, but a lot seem to have problems with leaks as well.
  • I love my bambino mios but I don't know or understnad all the different types of nappies :lol: price was a MAJOR issue for us and the bambino mios were the cheapest we found - we have never had any probs and totally love them!
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