Pop-In giveaway - newbie advice needed!

Hi all,
I am new to this website and forum and a total newbie with reuseable nappies.
I would really appreciate some advice please!
I have some old Bambino Mio nappies that someone has given me, but they look a total faff. Anyone used these?
I have also been pointed in the direction of closeparent.com as they have a new nappy. Plus they seem to be giving away 1,000 at the moment, so I have registered for one of those.
Has anyone tried these nappies? They appear to be a nappy that you don't need to fold.
Any other advice I should know? I am not quite 30 weeks pregnant and will be going to the Baby Show at Excel in a couple of months, so have time to sort this out.

Thanks all.


  • Hiya,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have a few Bambino's that I was given by a friend, they are actually easier than they look to use. I did find that we had lots of leaks with them, my daughter is a very heavy wetter. I currently use Tots Bots and they rarely leak, plus they are so easy to use that even my husband likes them!

    Corinna x
  • Hi, Bambino Mio have videos on their website to demonstrate how to use them so just give it a 'Google'
    Hope it helps!


  • i went onto my local councils website and they had a list of suppliers and on there there was a local lady who doesnt work for a particular company and gives unbiased advice on cloth nappies from her own home, does your area have anything like that? i went there today and saw these pop-in nappies and i think they look really fab, she uses them for her own son actually (i know, i saw them on her washing line!!) lol. but i think they are the ones i'm going towards..... its so diffiuclt to decide isn't it!! xx
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